Our Technical Support Team Answers Five Common Questions

By Justine Beaupré

Content Marketing Specialist

Published on September 23, 2022

By offering technical assistance 24/7/365, our technical support team assists our customers in all kinds of situations.

However, some questions come up more often than others. We discussed this with our technical support team and therefore created this toolkit to help you answer some questions you may have. In any case, we invite you to contact our technical service team, even if it’s 2 AM. They are there to help you, whatever your question is! At the bottom of the article, find out how to properly prepare for a quick and efficient service call.


1. My bed is not moving

Is the master lock activated on the bed?

Depending on the bed you are using, your controls may be locked. Check your master lock menu to make sure you haven't locked out your controls. If you are using an ook snow MH bed without a screen, you will need the key to unlock the bed. In the following video, see how to unlock the master lock of an ook snow bed with a touch screen.


Does your bed have a removable patient control installed?


When a bed is equipped with a removable patient control, it may be incorrectly replaced by the patient and caught under the bed. In this case, the removable patient control may prevent the bed from moving. You only have to put the patient control back on the side of the bed. Simply, unplug the bed to see if it starts to move.

Your bed is still not moving? Call us.


2. My smart screen does not work

Is your power cord plugged into the bed and into the wall outlet?

Depending on the bed, double-check both ends of your power cord. Sometimes the cord is not plugged in properly at one end. Also, check that the indicator light, near the power plug pictogram on the footboard, is illuminating in green. This means that the bed is plugged in.



Could something be blocking the connection between the footboard and the bed?

Sometimes sheets or blankets may get caught between the bed frame and the footboard. You can try to remove and put the footboard back, paying particular attention that the sheets do not interfere.


Do you have a spare or additional footboard available?

Try to use another footboard. If a patient is in bed with the screen not working, this will save you from moving him. Then, you can call us so we can assist you without disturbing the patient.


3. The alarm of the bed exit detection system keeps going off

Did you do a zero before the patient arrived?

To perform a zero, refer to the video below. The patient cannot be lying in bed during a zero. In this case, you can use a previous zero if the bed is already in use by a patient.



Did you add equipment (pillow, pump, IV pole, etc.) to the bed without using the change equipment function?

When equipment is added to the bed, it adds weight. It is the weight variation that makes the alarm go off (or not go off). Be sure to use the Change Equipment function to add accessories or equipment to the bed. Refer to the previous video to see how to do it.


Is your bed armed in manual or automatic mode? Have you selected the appropriate detection level?

Make sure your settings are correct. Your bed may be armed in automatic or manual mode. The automatic mode will arm itself when the patient gets into the bed. In manual mode, the patient has to be in the bed before activating the detection.

The scale plays an important role in the proper functioning of the bed exit detection system on the bed equipped with one. The same solutions are also to be considered if your bed does not arm itself.


4. The calibration of my bed does not go through

Bed calibration might not work for the following reasons:

  • The bed touches the wall. Make sure it's off the wall.
  • The floor is not level. Try to move the bed in the room.
  • Avoid any weight on the bed during calibration.

To see how to calibrate the bed, you can consult the user manual of the bed or consult this video.


5. What is the number of this bed part?

Do you maintain and repair your beds yourself? The best way for you to find a part number is to check the manual for the bed you need a part for. To view manuals for our beds, go to the Resources section of our website.


6. How to prepare for a call with our technical support team?

When you need to talk to us, our team will be there to answer you. To make your call efficient so you can get your bed back into service quickly, here's how to properly prepare:

  • Have the serial number of the bed on hand.
  • Our team will help you find out what is happening with our bed. Having as much information as possible is crucial to understand the situation.

Do you have other questions or need some help? Contact the technical support department at 1 844-409-4030 option 4. They are available to help you at all times, no matter the hour or the day.

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