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Today, Umano Medical partners with thousands of healthcare professionals and provides hospital beds and surfaces on four continents. Surely, our team’s talent and 35 years’ experience in the field paved the way for this success.

But what people recognize most is our incredible dedication. This everyday commitment to making difference doesn’t go unnoticed. Wondering where that spirit came from? The answer lies in our story.

Our experience taught us that greater things could be achieved when we transform challenges into opportunities. It taught us about resilience, agility, and courage. But most importantly, it is that story that made us so driven and ambitious.

Discover the milestones that took us to where we are now.

From a small metal shop to a world-class facility


A small metal shop opens in a Canadian town.

Joseph Poitras opens a metal shop in the town of L’Islet, Quebec. From metal welding to school furniture fabrication, its activities evolve with time.


The factory shifts entirely to hospital bed manufacturing.

After decades of metal fabrication, the owner of the metal shop sees a demand for medical equipment in the province. By 1984, the factory is entirely dedicated to hospital bed manufacturing.


Closing announcement: sad news for the community and a turning point for the factory.

The then owner of the factory decides to move activities overseas. Since the factory is providing more than 350 jobs at the time, the news sends a shockwave through the whole community.


A new vision, a sense of home: Umano Medical is born.

Driven by the ambition to maintain the expertise and the knowledge gained throughout the years, four visionaries from the previous company decide to launch a completely new project to address the unmet needs of the medical industry. A huge sense of hope quickly spreads through the community.

We had the people. We had the expertise. We had the vision. The future was ours.

A new vision, a sense of home: Umano Medical is born.

Umano Medical launches a game-changing hospital bed, the result of multiple iterations adapted and modified based on extensive and collaborative feedback from industry professionals.

From 2012 to 2015, the Umano Medical team meets with hundreds of healthcare professionals across North America to get an in-depth understanding of their reality and actual needs. In close collaboration with these professionals, we designed a completely new hospital bed meant to revolutionize the industry. Finally, we were introducing a new alternative.


A people-centered approach and an evolving portfolio lead to a phenomenal growth.

After the launch of the ook snow, the response from healthcare facilities is immediate and strong. The product portfolio soon expands to a complete line of hospital beds and mattresses. Above all, the Umano Medical team distinguishes itself with its remarkable people-centered approach.

Simply put, we strive to partner with our clients in a way that goes way beyond providing hospital beds. These innovative products and practices are likely responsible for our sustained growth and for taking us closer to our absolute goal.


Rewarded by your 100% satisfaction, we are determined to revolutionize the medical field. Looking back, we are amazed at what we have accomplished. But there’s still a lot to do!

Now providing beds on four continents, we invest in the future of the healthcare sector by constantly adapting our products to your evolving needs. Every day, we maintain the finest service, create new tailored solutions, and embrace the latest technologies in order to enhance your experience. Every day, we pursue our mission of ensuring that our clients are 100% satisfied.

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Our talented and passionate team is determined to revolutionize the medical industry. Be part of the journey: join the Umano Experience.

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