The ook snow ALL: a single hospital bed for all your care environments

See how this all-in-one bed offers a unique and versatile solution for med-surg, bariatric and palliative care settings.

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Unlocking the full potential of a hospital bed

Have you ever imagined a hospital bed that would accommodate all patients throughout multiple care environments? It is now possible with the ook snow ALL.

With its one-step width expansion system, increased weight capacity, and low height, the ook snow ALL offers a game-changing standardization possibility. Through an innovative design and exceptional versatility, this new all-in-one bed will fulfill the needs of all your patients, staff, and your institution. Discover the ook snow ALL now.

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Customize your ook snow ALL in our virtual showroom

Visit our virtual 3D showroom for an interactive experience that will let you choose the right ook snow ALL for your needs.

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Incomparable versatility and outstanding value

The ook snow ALL allows for standardization throughout all care settings, including bariatric, medical-surgical, and palliative care units. Save equipment handling time, clear your storage space, and cut down on rental costs, while minimizing your total cost of ownership.


Intelligent canadian bariatric hospital bed with touch screen

An infinitely convenient expansion system

Thanks to our Infinite™ technology, the ook snow ALL can quickly accommodate patients of all sizes by reaching a custom width in one easy step. And to ensure patient safety, no details were left behind. While the bed is expanding, the gaps between the headboard and the side rails always remain compliant with the latest IEC 60601-2-52 standards.

Bariatric hospital bed - patient care with dignity

Dignity for all patients

With the ook snow ALL, your patients can get the space they need to feel comfortable. While its appealing look helps create a pleasant atmosphere, its ergonomic and low height design encourages patient autonomy and dignity, thus improving their overall satisfaction.

Certified bariatric bed for two people - double hospital bed

Allowing closeness between loved ones

Getting close to your loved ones in a palliative care setting has not always been possible. The ook snow ALL, also known as the ‘’cuddle bed“, is the only bed on the market certified to be used by two people. This way, patients can now find solace near their loved ones in their last moments.

Powered wheel - bariatric hospital bed - ook snow ALL with Pilot Drive

Low height, underbed clearance, and manoeuvrability

The ook snow ALL with Pilot Drive is the first system to deliver on low height, full underbed clearance, and maximum manoeuvrability.  With its powerful and controlled driving force, variable speed capabilities, and intuitive controls, your healthcare teams will have never felt so confident and in command when moving hospital beds. Learn more. 

Smart canadian bariatric hospital bed - data at the nurse station - Umano Connect

The first step to a simpler and connected future

With Umano Connect™, bed status data and event logs that were previously only available at the bedside can now be accessed remotely, in near real-time, by staff members. This proactive monitoring enables your organization to make fact-based assessments and track fall prevention efforts from the workstation. Learn more.

Benefit from its powerful features

Canadian bariatric hospital bed - extension on the width

Infinite™ width expansion systemTM

The innovative Infinite™ technology allows your staff to improve patient comfort without losing valuable time! It’s quick and easy: staff will appreciate to be able to adjust the bed width in one simple step.

Smart canadian hospital bed - Umano Connect

Umano Connect™

From the patient room to the nurses’ station and the maintenance department, all your teams come together with Umano Connect dashboard.

Pilot Drive motorized wheel system - Canadian bariatric hospital bed

Pilot Drive™

Low height, underbed clearance and manoeuvrability come together when adding the Pilot Drive to your ook snow ALL bed. Transporting beds over long distances – even up ramps and steep slopes – is made safe and easy with an ergonomic design, variable speed capabilities, and strong battery autonomy.

Canadian bariatric hospital bed - integrated oxygen bottle holder

Pilot Drive™ with integrated oxygen bottle holder

The Pilot Drive with optional integrated oxygen bottle holder allows for easy and safe transport of patients who require continuous oxygen supply in ICU/CCU environments.

Patient trapeze helper - Canadian bariatric hospital bed

Patient helper trapeze

Specifically designed for the ook snow ALL, this adjustable and sturdy patient helper encourages patient autonomy and mobility.

Canadian bariatric hospital bed - maintaining safe spaces

Gaps kept safe

To maintain a high level of patient safety, the headboard expands simultaneously with the bed width. This unique design characteristic ensures compliance with the latest IEC 60601-2-52 standard.

Boostless backrest system prevents patients from sliding around in the hospital bed

Boostless backrest systemTM

The BoostlessTM Backrest System is a unique system that reduces patient sliding, thus minimizing skin friction and repositioning needs. The Boostless Backrest System allows these major benefits by moving the backrest section backward while the bed is elevating.

Canadian bariatric hospital bed - USB and auxiliary ports

Power outlets and USB ports

By keeping patients’ mobile devices accessible, our USB ports contribute to minimizing fall risks while increasing the patients’ satisfaction. They were positioned with infection prevention in mind: away from high-touch areas and those conducive to liquid infiltration.

Canadian bariatric hospital bed - integrated bed length extension

Integrated bed extender

Say hello to a reliable and built-in bed extender that can be pulled out in less than two seconds! Give more comfort to taller patients and stop losing time by relying on this one-step bed extender.

Canadian bariatric hospital bed - optimized cleaning - smooth surfaces

Liftable deck covers

The liftable and lightweight deck covers of the ook snow ALL facilitate maintenance and cleaning procedures. In addition, their seamless smooth surfaces help maximize infection prevention and control.

Canadian bariatric hospital bed - intelligent touch screen

Smart screen

The highly intuitive interface is standardized across our bed platform. Staff will quickly learn how to navigate the controls and access the advanced features designed to enhance patient care.

A bed for two - cuddle bed - Canadian bariatric hospital bed

Specifications and bed features

We are proud to offer beds that can be built à la carte. Customize your ook snow ALL with the features that make sense for your patients, your clinical needs, and your institution’s preferences.



Overall length (80" deck length)

90" / 228.6 cm

Overall length (84" deck length)

94"/ 239 cm

Extended length

Adds 4" / 10.1 cm

with Pilot Drive

Adds 1" / 2.5 cm

with Pilot Drive / oxygen bottle holders

Adds 2.25" / 5.7 cm

Overall width

Siderails down - 35" surface

39.75" / 101 cm

Siderails up - 35" surface

41.5" / 105.4 cm

Siderails down - 47" surface

51.5" / 130.8 cm

Siderails up - 47" surface

52.75" / 134 cm

Weight capacity

1060 lb / 481 kg

Height range (to litter top)

Low (with 5" / 12.7 cm dual casters)

11" / 27.94 cm

High (with 5" / 12.7 cm dual casters)

30" / 76.2 cm

Low (with 6" / 15.24 cm single casters)

12.7" / 32.3 cm

High (with 6" / 15.24 cm single casters)

31.7" / 80.5 cm

Patient deck positioning


0° to 60°

Knee gatch

0° to 30°

Trend. / Reverse Trend.

± 16°


5" / 12.7 cm

Patient deck dimensions


35" to 47" / 89 to 119.4 cm


80" or 84" / 203 or 213 cm

Extended Length

Adds 4" / 10.1 cm

The ook snow ALL: the perfect solution for multiple care environments

Med-surge-  canadian hospital bed - ook snow ALL


Ease of use, ease of cleaning and low height are just a few of the meaningful benefits that come together in the ook snow ALL to make a difference in med-surg environments.

Palliative care and bariatric care - canadian hospital bed - ook snow ALL


The ook snow ALL, also known as the "cuddle bed", is certified for use by two people. By allowing patients to find solace near their loved ones, it is particularly meaningful in a palliative care setting.

Bariatric care - canadian hospital bed - ook snow ALL


An expandable width and an increased weight capacity of 1060 lbs. allow the ook snow ALL to adapt to bariatric environments in one simple step.

Enhance your bed potential with the right mattresses and accessories

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Discover a complete line of high-quality support surfaces.

Accessories for bariatric hospital bed - Canada

Equip your ook snow ALL with the right accessories. 

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