The ook snow MH: a mental health bed that meets your clinical and safety needs

See how the ook snow MH helps you achieve the right balance between clinical performance and risk mitigation.

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Enhanced safety for patients and staff

With the ook snow MH, you do not have to choose between safety and clinical performance. Thoughtfully designed to minimize ligature risks, this advanced hospital bed adapts to your mental health needs. It is perfectly suited for low and high observation environments such as geriatric or med psych units, emergency departments and detention centers.
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Safety as a number one priority

Built with a tamper-resistant design and a ligature management strategy in mind, the ook snow MH offers many value-driven features that contribute to creating a safe environment for patients and staff.

Maximized infection prevention and control

Infection prevention in health care settings is now more crucial than ever. To maximize it, the seamless smooth surfaces and open architecture of the ook snow MH make cleaning easier, faster, and better.

Powerful capabilities, value-driven intelligence

Caregivers can optimize safety by activating advanced yet intuitive features such as lockout controls, password protection and bed status monitoring. A bed exit detection system also allows staff to track bed egress and rapidly intervene when necessary.

Dignity for patients, versatility for institutions

Each care environment is different, and each patient is unique. By offering the right level of security and clinical performance, the ook snow MH contributes to maintaining patient dignity in mental health environments.

The first step to a simpler and connected future

With Umano Connect™, bed status data and event logs that were previously only available at the bedside can now be accessed remotely, in near real-time, by staff members. This proactive monitoring enables your organization to make fact-based assessments and track fall prevention efforts from the workstation. Learn more.

Key features to maximize safety

Safe-lock™ braking system

Brake pedals can be replaced with a tamper-resistant Safe-Lock™ braking system to protect against any unintended use of the bed. It also prevents patients from using the bed as a barricade.

10" low height

The ook snow MH features an adjustable height that can go as low as 10 inches. The height can be locked and password-protected to reduce the risk of falls and voluntary injuries.

Smart screen and master lockout

The smart screen gives easy access to functions such as an integrated scale, a Bed Status monitoring system and a master lockout control that features three levels of security.

Motion key lock

The Motion Key Lock brings bed movement protection up a notch. Caregivers can quickly and effectively lock out all movements to prevent patients from tampering with bed motion controls.

Tamper-resistant fasteners

For increased safety, bed parts and components are secured with tamper-resistant fasteners that can only be removed with special tools.

Short and quick-disconnect power cord options

To reduce the risk of patient self-harm, choose a quick-disconnect power cord or a short one that is securely fastened.

Safeflex™ patient surface

To minimize the risk of self-harm, the SafeFlex™ patient surface reduces apparent ligature points and conceals cables located between the foot and thigh sections of the bed.

Floor mount

For higher-risk environments, a floor mount can secure the bed in place. It can be combined with a heavy-duty and tamper-resistant metal caster cover.

Features and specifications

The ook snow MH can be customized to meet your clinical needs and support your risk mitigation plan. Take a look at its key specifications and features.



Patient surface dimensions

35" x 80" or 84" / 88.9 x 203.2 cm or 213.4 cm

Height range (to litter top)

Low: 10" / 25.4 cm

High: 30" / 76.2 cm

Overall width

Siderails down: 39.25" / 100 cm

Siderails up: 40.5" / 102.9 cm

Weight capacity

600 lb / 272.5 kg

Patient surface positioning

Backrest: 0° to 60°

Knee gatch: 0° to 30°

Trend. / Reverse Trend.: ± 16°

Boostless™: 4" / 10,2 cm

Certifications / standards

IEC 60601-2-52

IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition

Scale system accuracy (in all bed position)

0.5% with a maximum difference of 1.1 lb / 0.5 kg

You can find our user manuals in our Education Center.

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