Three Reasons to Use a Transport Cart with your Hospital Beds

By Caroline Grimard

Product Manager

Published on November 16, 2021

For healthcare staff, moving and storing a hospital bed can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to transport due to its size, but also due to the challenges in its environment. There is barely enough space in hospital corridors and elevators to move beds with ease. Since maintenance and service teams need to move medical beds regularly, the Umano Medical transport cart is an interesting tool, as it makes transport and storage of the bed much easier.


Making it Easier to Move Medical Beds, One Transport Cart at a Time

Medical beds are oversized equipment that can be difficult to transport and manoeuver in tight spaces. The Umano Medical transport cart makes it easy to transport them vertically. The bed, therefore, becomes more maneuverable and manageable in very narrow corridors or elevators where beds normally hardly fit. Whether the bed needed to be moved is a ook snow or a ook snow ALL, Umano Medical offers a suitable transport cart.

Simplifying Storage of Hospital Beds


The transport cart also allows storage teams to maximize the available space in their warehouses. Normally, a single bed uses up to 25 square feet of floor space. On transport carts, up to three hospital beds can fit in that same space. Since the transport trolleys fit together, they allow maximization of warehouse space by storing three times as many beds. By freeing up some space in the warehouse, the transport cart makes it so your maintenance teams have even more space to work or store other items.

The transport cart, when not in use, is very compact. Since the two pieces that compose it are detached, it can be stored very easily in tight spaces.


A Simple and Ergonomic Accessory


The Umano Medical transport cart is easy to use for all hospital personnel, including the maintenance crew. As it requires only a few intuitive and simple steps, staff can quickly and easily learn how to use the transport cart safely.


How to Use the Transport Cart?


Using a transport cart is very easy. One person can, without making significant physical effort, put the bed directly on the transport cart. However, it is important to know that two people are needed to properly move the bed.

Do you need visual cues to understand how to use your transport cart? Watch this video for a better understanding.

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