Through our people-focused approach and innovative product line, we strive to become a reliable and trusted partner for each of our customers. That is why we are extremely proud when healthcare professionals around the globe share their positive experience with us. Discover some of the recent testimonials that made us say "Mission Accomplished".

Sharp Memorial Hospital

San Diego, California

"After a few months using our ook snow ALL beds, the team at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego shared meaningful testimonials highlighting the significant impact these news beds had on both the patients and the staff. We take immense pride in developing products that make a difference for healthcare institutions. The testimonials we received from the nurses and specialists at Sharp Memorial Hospital are a few of many that makes us want to always innovate and pursue our mission."

Sharp Memorial Hospital, San Diego, California


Les Jardins du Haut Saint-Laurent, Québec

"During the trial of the oneNEST mattress, a decrease in redness and pressure injuries was indeed observed for the residents who used it. We specifically targeted different residents with sacrum and heel pressure injuries. For each individuals, it was truly beneficial in healing from stage 3 pressure injuries to redness and complete recovery"

We support you throughout the entire process

There was a need to replace several bariatric beds within Central Health due to age of the existing beds. We evaluated the ook snow ALL and were immediately impressed with the ergonomics of the bed. The fact that Umano Medical has a certified service vendor in Newfoundland and Labrador makes the response times good. The availability of local sales representative for follow up and servicing has really helped with the transition to the new ook snow ALL beds.

Paul D. Farrell

Regional Manager Biomedical Eng., Central Health

"Customer support is Umano Medical’s most important quality. They walk the talk from the very beginning. And what I mean by beginning is not the contract signature. It started with the very first interactions: What are your needs? Come and see what we have to offer. I found the support was exceptional, pleasant, uncomplicated, accessible, and fast. The people we worked with were able to guide us during the entire process, from the planning phase to the installation phase."

Jonathan Giguère

CHU de Québec, Canada

Jonathan Giguère

"The experience in this transition has been painless, smooth, and satisfying. And I believe that the way Umano conducts business and treats its customers’ needs should really be the gold standard for all businesses."

Lee Watson

Supply Chain Manager, Mercy East Communities

"The collaboration with Umano Medical has been a pleasure from the project’s beginning to its end. We have developed, through a close partnership, an equipment that answers our patients’ needs as well as healthcare professionals’ needs. With all the great capabilities of the bed that I mentioned previously, the equipment is truly adapted to all needs. It has been a great collaboration."

André Laverdière

Prevention agent for the CIUSS de la Montérégie-Est

Mercy East Communities

St. Louis, Missouri

"A few years ago, Mercy East Communities decided to upgrade its fleet of hospital beds. Lee Watson, Supply Chain Manager, and Andy Fairlamb, Executive Director of Supply Management, had very specific needs when they reached out to us. We partnered closely with them to ensure they would get the right solution for their reality. We act as a trustworthy partner for our customers, always putting their satisfaction first. This people-centered approach has been a key success factor for our partnership with Mercy East Communities." Watch the full testimonial.

St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth

United Kingdom

"We felt deeply moved by the story of Chloe, a young woman from England who made the special wish to have a double hospital bed for her last moments with her loved ones. Thanks to the support of the whole community, she was able to spend precious moments with her family and friends at her side on the ook snow ALL bed." Watch the testimonial.

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