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Hundreds of healthcare professionals around the world collaborated with Umano Medical to design a hospital bed that would answer their actual needs. The result was an innovative bed platform that takes a 360º approach to fall prevention and infection control: the ook snow. Because all beds in the ook snow line share the same intuitive design, standardization throughout multiple care environments is now possible.
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Discover all beds from the ook snow platform

ook snow - med-surg hospital bed

The ook snow

The ook snow is a powerful, low-height hospital bed that meets your actual needs, from med-surg to high-acuity care.

ook snow ALL - bariatric hospital bed

The ook snow ALL

The ook snow ALL offers exceptional versatility and outstanding value for bariatric, med-surg and palliative care units.

ook snow MH - behavioral health hospital bed

The ook snow MH

The ook snow MH allows you to reach the perfect balance between safety and clinical needs in behavioral health environments.

ook cocoon - palliative care and long term care hospital bed

The ook cocoon

The ook cocoon provides the quality and excellence that residents deserve in long-term acute care facilities.

Double hospital bed - Umano Medical - ook snow ALL - cuddle bed - USA

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Committed to your 100% satisfaction

Through our people-focused approach, our innovative products, and endless passion, we are determined to revolutionize customer experience and innovation standards in the medical field. As a partner and hospital bed provider, we are proud to offer a new alternative to healthcare institutions.

USA'S leader in the field of hospital beds

Prompting a paradigm shift in healthcare

Over 35 years of experience have taught us the importance of constantly renewing and adapting our offer to your ever-changing reality. As a leader in the medical field, we dedicate our energy to developing innovative products that answer your actual needs.

Story of Umano Medical - inspiring - innovative

Keeping in mind where we come from

Our unique story has made us incredibly passionate and dedicated. It taught us about resilience and courage. Our path made us grateful for the opportunity to bring our contribution to the healthcare sector.

An innovative product offering for your institution

Hospital bed support surfaces - Umano Medical - USA

Support surfaces

Discover our line of mattresses for optimal comfort and performance

Hospital bed accessories - Umano Medical - USA

Accessories and tools

Find the right accessories and tools for your bed

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"The experience in this transition has been painless, smooth, and satisfying. And I believe that the way Umano conducts business and treats its customers’ needs should really be the gold standard for all businesses."

Lee Watson

Supply Chain Manager, Mercy East Communities

" Over the years, we tested many, many overbed tables. Honestly, Umano Medical’s is, by far, the best. The low-profile base means we can use the table with any type of chair, geriatric chair, wheelchair, and bed. The top itself is wide enough to accommodate a food tray and a patient’s personal belongings. The maintenance team raves about it as it is ultra-easy to clean, thanks to it being molded in one piece and having a smooth surface. The sturdy design makes it reliable and safe for our patients—but easy to glide with just one hand. If I had to sum up Umano Medical’s advantages, I would definitely say: service, innovative development, and ease. The customer service is outstanding; I really value that I can hop on a video conference with the technical team to get more information or resolve an issue. The best part? They follow up to make sure everything is ok. That is commitment. "

Geneviève Dorval

Ergothérapeute, Jeffery Hale

"We felt deeply moved by the story of Chloe, a young woman from England who made the special wish to have a double hospital bed for her last moments with her loved ones. Thanks to the support of the whole community, she was able to spend precious moments with her family and friends at her side on the ook snow ALL bed." Watch the testimonial.

St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth

United Kingdom

St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth

"The collaboration with Umano Medical has been a pleasure from the project’s beginning to its end. We have developed, through a close partnership, an equipment that answers our patients’ needs as well as healthcare professionals’ needs. With all the great capabilities of the bed that I mentioned previously, the equipment is truly adapted to all needs. It has been a great collaboration."

André Laverdière

Prevention agent for the CIUSS de la Montérégie-Est

"Customer support is Umano Medical’s most important quality. They walk the talk from the very beginning. And what I mean by beginning is not the contract signature. It started with the very first interactions: What are your needs? Come and see what we have to offer. I found the support was exceptional, pleasant, uncomplicated, accessible, and fast. The people we worked with were able to guide us during the entire process, from the planning phase to the installation phase."

Jonathan Giguère

CHU de Québec, Canada

Jonathan Giguère

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L'Islet, QC  G0R 2C0
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