Fighting the Labor Shortage, One Action at a Time

By Audrée Belleau

Conseillère en développement humain et organisationnel

Published on February 17, 2022

We took a moment to speak with our People and Organizational Development team to better understand one of the current issues that affect us right here at Umano Medical: the labor shortage. Through this discussion, it was fascinating to discover all that we are doing in our offices and at the factory to overcome this challenge, which will remain present in 2022 and beyond!


The Phenomenon of the Great Resignation

Increasingly, in the field of human resources and recruitment, we observe the phenomenon of the Great Resignation. People feel the need for change and they fulfill that need by looking elsewhere.

At Umano Medical, our managers and our Human Resources team encourage versatility and movement within the organization to promote internal growth. We want to keep our employees for a long time, so we offer them the tools and training they need to develop their skills and be happy at work. After speaking with several employees and gathering their feedback, it is easy to see this beautiful culture in action. Some of us started as interns and remained in the company afterwards like Elisabeth, Associate Director for Marketing and International Sales. Others started in one department and moved onto another!

We pride ourselves on having a talent-driven corporate culture.



More than ever, people are choosing to work in essential sectors to experience less of the consequences of the current economic and social context. Working for a company in the medical field offers a certain stability since our manufacturing activities are considered essential and our development and marketing activities can easily be carried out remotely. There is also a strong desire for candidates to work in more local businesses that make a difference in our society and that share their core values. At Umano Medical, we take our corporate values very seriously as they constantly guide us in our decision-making.

A Hiring Process Based on the “Right Fit” Philosophy

In addition, our Human and Organizational Development team attaches great importance to the "right fit" when hiring. Our team prides itself in placing the right people in the right place based on their interests, talents, and natural strengths. To achieve this, our candidates pass a personality test during the interview process and fill the CliftonStrengths Assessment on their first day. By doing so, we can make sure our teams work better together. This reinforces the notion of pleasure at work, which is essential.


A Strengths-Based Culture

In some workplaces, employees will try to perform tasks beyond their ability and are easily discouraged when unsuccessful. At Umano Medical, we focus on our strengths. “Fish swim. We won’t teach them to walk, but we will help them improve their swimming technique.’’

All employees take a test to determine their CliftonStrengths. Each person can thus concentrate on continuing to develop their natural strengths. Moreover, our teams are also better equipped to work together since everyone knows their colleague’s strengths. That way, we get the best out of everyone.



This focus on strengths leads our Human and Organizational Development team to implement a training program to make our employees even more versatile and happy. Our way of thinking is: employees who develop their strengths within a company are often more engaged, and therefore happier.


Celebrating intrapreneurial values

Managers at Umano Medical encourage their employees' initiatives. When an employee has an idea, there is always someone to listen to it. Subsequently, if the project is realistic and achievable, the employee has the opportunity to pilot their own project so that it sees the light of day.

This is how several initiatives have emerged, here are a few examples:

  • Free access to feminine hygiene products in the bathrooms.
  • A donation of RESC-U beds to the L'Islet fire station where several employees are volunteer firefighters.
  • Creation of various committees that improve work-life balance.


The partnership between Umano Medical and Dialogue, a telemedicine platform, is a great example. This initiative, brought up by a small committee of employees, aims to democratize mental health within the organization.

The committee expressed the need for easier access to various health resources. Our co-presidents made the decision to not compromise and to implement this project. The well-being of Umano Medical employees, as well as their physical and mental health, is a priority.

As of February 2022, Dialogue is available to all members of our team. A range of services offered by health professionals are available free of charge in the mobile application: physical health, stress and well-being, medical specialists, legal assistance, financial advice, and more. This 360° telemedicine service is available 24/7.

At Umano Medical, each employee is now able to access the resources they need as quickly as they need them. With this platform, the triage service quickly follows up with patients and directs them to the right resource and plan within minutes of the call.

Does it feel like we are the ‘’Right Fit’’ for you?

Discover our great opportunities and join our team!


About the author

Audrée Belleau

Audrée occupe le poste de conseillère en Développement humain et organisationnel depuis 2020. Détenant une maîtrise en Développement des personnes et des organisations, elle est passionnée par ce qui touche l’analytique RH et le développement organisationnel. Elle aime graviter autour de ce qui touche à l’analyse et à l’optimisation des processus RH pour permettre au département de Développement humain et organisationnel d’être un véritable allié stratégique d’Umano Medical. Étant également responsable de notre système d’informations RH et naturellement portée vers la technologie, on peut qualifier Audrée de la « geek » du département!

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