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Discover how the Pilot Drive™ brings your ook snow and ook snow ALL hospital beds to the next level. Transporting patients within an hospital can be a challenge for the nurses and medical staff. This powered drive system offers an unmatched combination of low height, underbed clearance, and manoeuvrability. Reimagined with fall prevention, ease of use, and infection control in mind, staff will gain additional mobility without compromise.

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Benefit from its powerful features

Low Height & Underbed Clearance

The Pilot Drive can be added to the ook snow or ook snow ALL without compromising on low height. This benefits fall prevention while still providing underbed clearance for lifts and overbed tables.

Ease of use

Featuring intuitive visual prompts, the Pilot Drive system is simple to operate. Bring out the pilot in you!

Maximum Maneuverability

Smooth steering and sharp turns, in any direction, are made easy with the centralized 5th wheel. 360 degrees turns can be made from a single pivot point with very little effort.

Controlled Driving Speed

The Pilot Drive provides an easy and comfortable grip for maximum control when moving the bed. Its powerful and controlled force helps relieve excessive push and pull stress for staff.

Variable Speed Capabilities

The Pilot Drive’s variable speed trigger allows staff to have full control over the desired speed and velocity.

Strong Battery Autonomy

The Pilot Drive allows staff to cover long distances, even up ramps, and steep slopes.

Seamless Smooth Surfaces

Infection prevention and control are supported through our renowned seamless smooth surface design – ensuring cleaning remains an easy task.

Integrated Oxygen Bottle Holder

When patients require continuous oxygen supply, an integrated bottle holder allows for safe and easy transportations with the Pilot Drive.

Technical specifications

Offering variable speed capabilities and battery autonomy, the Pilot Drive allows staff to cover long distances, even up ramps and steep slopes.

ook snow

ook snow ALL

Bed’s lowest height

12" / 30.5 cm

Underbed clearance

5" (12.7 cm) at bed’s lowest height

Variable travel speed

0 to 3.1 mph (5 km/h)

5th wheel

Centrally located to make tight and controlled turns


Integrated oxygen bottle holders (compatible with E size bottles), second handle and many more

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