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A bed that does it ALL 

The   transcends diverse hospital environments by exceeding expectations in bariatric settings as well as med-surg and palliative care.

Its 11’’ low-height, 1060 lb weight capacity and expandable width result in outstanding versatility and tremendous value.

Its certification for use by two people allows patients to maintain their dignity while staying close to their loved ones.

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Technical Specifications
  • Unique design approach maximizes patient safety and dignity 
  • 11" low height maximizes fall prevention and facilitates transfers 
  • Customizable width expansion maximizes patient comfort and caregiver efficiency
  • Open architecture designed for 35" to 48" mattresses
  • 1060 lb weight capacity increases versatility for institutions while reducing cost of ownership
  • Easy-to-use, highly precise scale provides accurate weight in any bed position
  • Certification for use by two people allows patients to stay close to their loved ones

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