The oneNEST™: a versatile support surface that assists in the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries

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The oneNEST is the result of our expertise and our desire to improve patient care and to listen to our customers. By addressing the priorities of the industry, the oneNEST creates a healing environment by assisting in the prevention and treatment of all stages of pressure injuries, without compromising on patient comfort and dignity.

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Assists in the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries

The oneNEST assists in the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries of stages 1 to 4, unstageable, and deep tissue pressure injury. Its innovative design provides low interface pressure for optimal redistribution, deep immersion, and envelopment of bony prominences for patients with moderate to high risk of developing a pressure injury or patients with existing ones.

A healing environment that promotes patient recovery

Every patient deserves to feel good and to have access to quality care. The oneNEST provides a comfortable environment for the patient to get a good night’s sleep for faster recoveryFabricated with high-quality foams of varying densities, the patient will feel as if they were in their own bed, thanks to the oneNEST's deep immersion and envelopment properties.  

Fall prevention design for patient safety

Fall prevention is a top priority for organizations, and the oneNEST was designed with this in mind. Firm perimeters borders support the patient for safe ingress and egress and also protect against entrapment between the edge of the surface and the siderails of the bed.

Promotes infection control and prevention

The oneNEST was created to facilitate compliance with infection prevention protocols. Several details of the support surface make it easy to clean without compromising on durability. The welded seams, rigid flap, and durable handles add a final touch to protect the surface's longevity.

Need to do a quick cleanup? No problem! The 360-degree zipper on the top cover makes it easy to remove and replace, and is machine washable. It’s also resistant to the most common cleaning products. 

Umano Medical is proud to be part of the NPIAP Corporate Advisory Council and Standards Committee to support the Support Surface Standards Initiative (S3I).

The S3I standards were developed to help clinicians characterize support surfaces within three categories: Pressure Redistribution, Shear, and Microclimate Management. To obtain a copy of the oneNEST S3I results, contact your rep

Innovative and advanced design for added performance

4-way stretch top cover reduces friction and shear

The 4-way stretch top cover is made from polyurethane to reduce shear and friction – two critical factors that impact the formation of pressure injuries.

360-degree top cover zipper for easy removal

With a 360-degree zipper, replacing the top cover has never been so easy. Once removed, the top cover can be easily replaced to make cleaning between patients a lot faster.

Robust handles for durability

The robust handles are welded on to prevent the fabric from tearing and to facilitate transport. Designed with infection control and prevention in mind, the handles are easy to clean and are extremely resistant.

Welded seams and rigid flap to protect against liquid infiltration

To help preserve the foam from fluid infiltration and contaminants, all seams are welded, making the oneNEST durable and long-lasting. The rigid flap allows for quick and easy cleaning. 

Durable base cover for product longevity

The durable base cover is highly resistant to cleaning agents and will not rip even if punctured.

Specifications and features




35"W x 80 or 84"L x 8"H

89 cm W x 203 or 213 cm L x 20 cm H

Weight capacity

500 lb (226.7 kg)

Mattress Weight 80"

35 lb (16 kg)

Mattress Weight 84"

37 lb (17 kg)


Meets flammability standards 16 CFR 1632, CFR 1633, CAL TB 129, IX-11


7-year on foam crib, 3-year on covers

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