The most important element of our research and development activities is the feedback and requests of healthcare professionals. At every stage of design, we are on-site, listening to their needs by creating new designs that will help them in their day-to-day interactions with our products.

Through the strategic partnerships we have established with Universities, medical schools and major hospitals, we are consistently pro-active in making sure our designs reflect the requirements of the medical professionals.

We believe our personalized, hands-on approach to our research and development allows us to do much more for our clients and to better understand the demands of their working environment.

The most important elements of our quality control process are team work and open communications. R&D staff, operation engineers and on the ground team workers constantly share information and ideas.

Our team members are highly qualified and trained to tackle all stages of production, and they have the power to put a stop to all activities if they notice quality standards are not being respected. By empowering our employees at all levels, we foster a sense of pride in the final product.

“Our production floor reflects what we believe in: clean, functional and lean manufacturing. Our employees are proud of their work area and they keep it efficient and free of hazards. ”

Denis Bourgault

Vice-President Operations

 We test our products again and again at every stage of the production, and we believe that this permanent evolution is dictated by the desire to satisfy our clients. 

Our internal quality assurance culture goes beyond meeting regulatory requirements. 

As a team of dedicated professionals, we are constantly improving our processes and practices to reflect our common goal of giving enhanced comfort to patients and ease-of-use to healthcare providers.

 We distinguish ourselves through the implementation of an end-of-line automated inspection system and our proactive approach based on the principles of “Lean,” “Kaizen” and “Poka Yoke” efficiency systems. 

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