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More than a hospital bed

The ook snow is a superior quality hospital bed that suits various environments - from med-surg to high acuity care.  It is designed to maximize infection control and fall prevention, while being easy to use. Moreover, the ook snow reduces bed inventory and purchasing costs by combining both low bed and high performance hospital bed characteristics.

Thanks to its fully featured design and safety characteristics, the ook snow focuses on improving patient well-being.

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Technical Specifications

The ook snow  adapts to various care settings and meets the highest hospital standards. Discover the key reasons why :

  • 10''/ 25.4 cm low height to maximize fall prevention
  • Under bed clearance for lift and overbed table compatibility, even at lowest heightimg details
  • Integrated bed exit system to minimize fall risks
  • Advanced controls with Smart Screen at foot end facilitating ease of use for caregivers
  • Seamless design to maximize infection control
  • Open architecture to simplify cleaning and mattress installationimg details
  • BoostlessTM Backrest System that reduces sliding during bed activation, minimizing repositioning needs img details
  • Integrated bed extender to improve tall patient comfort and staff efficiencyimg details
  • Built-in efficient scale that provides accurate weight in any bed position
  • Inform Safety Message Center allows sharing of personalized messages
  • Conveniently located USB power outlets allowing patients to keep their mobile devices accessible and fully charged




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