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A hospital bed specially designed for mental health environments

By reducing accessible ligature attachment points, the ook snow MH mental health bed is designed to minimize potential harm to oneself. In order to increase patient and staff safety, this hospital bed also provides dedicated advantages such as tamperproof fasteners and side rails without openings. 

By combining the benefits of the ook snow platform with additional safety features, the ook snow MH represents the ideal solution for mental health environments.

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floor-mounted fixations
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Technical Specifications

By combining the logo ook snow blanc advantages with the following safety features, the logo ook snow mh blanc mental health bed satisfies the highest expectations in behavioral health environments.

  • Tamperproof fasteners that secure accessible components img details
  • Floor mounted fixations to keep the bed immovable img details
  • Master bed lockout allowing bed controls to be completely locked to avoid unintended use img details
  • Password protection to ensure only authorized people use bed functions img details
  • Fixed head and foot boards to eliminate mobile components
  • Siderails, head and foot boards without openings to reduce ligature points img details
  • Accessory socket caps to reduce bed openings img details 
  • Short or detachable power cord img details

tamperproof fasteners

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